Registration Policy
Early Registration enables Wisdom House to plan a program's viability.

Full payment is due upon Registration. A registration cannot be booked without a payment.
Cancellations / Refunds
If you cancel your registration, Wisdom House will retain $25 for day programs and $75 for weekend programs. Any balance will be refunded.

If Wisdom House cancels, all fees are refundable.
A 'shared room' may have 2 people; 3 if requested. 'Private room' is one guest in a room (with bath or with hall bath).

Wisdom House has mainly hall (or central) bathrooms. A very limited number of rooms have private baths.
Wisdom House meals provide a balance of nutritional foods. Meals include salad, vegetable and protein choices as well as some gluten free foods. Special menus for individuals cannot be created.

Those with severe food limitations or who require vegan or celiac meals may supplment our offerings with their own special items. Guest refrigerators and microwaves are available.
Registration By Check
If you wish to make a reservation using US Mail and a check, please click Registration Form - and fill-in the required information and mail to Wisdom House. When we receive the form and check we will then confirm your registration if space is still available.

We suggest using the online registration process as it will confirm your reservation immediately.
July 2017 : Program Details
Fri, Jul 14 - 6pm
Sun, Jul 16 - 1pm
Davyne Verstandig
Nature as Our Muse
Come join a community of writers and...
Dayvne Verstandig

Pay attention to grass, flowers, sunlight, leaves, wind and the fragrance of July - honoring Nature as our Muse with words. Whether you write poetry, fiction, or creation (memoir) let us be inspired by Nature.


Together, we will also be inspired by some of the finest Nature writers - Annie Dillard, Rachel Carson, Mary Oliver, Terry Tempest Williams. We will meet nature through them as well as be inspired by the meditative and beautiful grounds of Wisdom House.

Regular Registration Fee(s)
$175.00 Commuter (None Available)
$275.00 Private Room w/ Bath (None Available)
$245.00 Private Room w/ Hall Bath (None Available)
Non-refundable deposit: $50
Program Code: 17EXP02157
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