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If you cancel your registration, Wisdom House will retain $25 for day programs and $75 for weekend programs. Any balance will be refunded.

If Wisdom House cancels, all fees are refundable.
A 'shared room' may have 2 people; 3 if requested. 'Private room' is one guest in a room (with bath or with hall bath).

Wisdom House has mainly hall (or central) bathrooms. A very limited number of rooms have private baths.
Wisdom House meals provide a balance of nutritional foods. Meals include salad, vegetable and protein choices as well as some gluten free foods. Special menus for individuals cannot be created.

Those with severe food limitations or who require vegan or celiac meals may supplment our offerings with their own special items. Guest refrigerators and microwaves are available.
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June 2017 : Program Details
Fri, Jun 23 - 5pm
Sat, Jun 24 - 3pm
Robert Ellsberg
Daniel Berrigan: Priest, Poet, and Peacemaker
An activist and peacemaker for today....
Robert Ellsberg

This retreat will consider the life and witness of Daniel Berrigan (1921-2016), the Jesuit priest, poet, and modern-day prophet, who did so much, through his writings and courageous actions, to elevate the Christian conscience on the subject of war and peace.  


This event is co-sponsored by Fairfield University's Center for Catholic Studies.




**Note: For Saturday only commuter rate please call us.   

Non-refundable deposit: $50
Program Code: 17EXP02346
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